Veterinary Society of Chiropractic

VSC Mission Statement

We at the VSC aim to create a non-political, society of Veterinary Chiropractic, which promotes the neurologically centred model of chiropractic. We would like to create a space to share knowledge, skills and to promote research, and connect Veterinary Chiropractors around the world.

Representing Animal Chiropractic: The Veterinary Society of Chiropractic strives to promote and represent veterinary chiropractic to the veterinary and chiropractic professions internationally. Exchange of clinically relevant information among veterinary chiropractic colleagues, and supporting and disseminating research related to chiropractic are primary goals in achieving this purpose.

By providing recognition of educational achievements and proficiency of individuals through independent examinations of qualified colleagues, the Veterinary Society of Chiropractic promotes future educational goals and clinical proficiency of its members.

Vision Statement: The vision of the Veterinary Society of Chiropractic is the widespread teaching, recognition, acceptance and practice of animal chiropractic within the chiropractic and veterinary professions.